As per the image above, we’ve pulled together a little taster of our totem works here at Butterfield Signs for you to enjoy.

We operate our own remote, dedicated and specialist heavy works factory to facilitate this type of work.

This factory includes some of the latest technologies in welding, shearing, cutting and general fabrication and is supported by overhead automated heavy crane lifting equipment to manoeuvre product between large manufacturing work areas.

We offer the highest quality in process, product and service inclusive of coded welding and use of materials fully compliant with CE and UKCA standards, providing our clients and contractors with total reassurance.

Our finishing includes galvanising and specialist powder coating applied by our newly installed and fully automated line, inclusive of Plaforization pre-treatment.

All of the above means we are able to offer a vast range of product even extending beyond our normal totem, monolith, pole and other associate sign products for retailers as a means of main identification.

Other specialist works include various forms of support steelwork, associated ordering point product, vehicle height restrictors and canopies for edge of town food retail drive-thru outlets.

Also worth mentioning, we have recently produced a number of standalone totem units in remote locations illuminated by the use of Solar Energy, eliminating extensive costs in the running of electrical connections.

The solar photovoltaic panels can be discreetly fitted to totem legs or can be mounted remote on a fabricated support. Solar power is managed with specialist technology to ensure maximum life expectancy from the battery-powered units and also controlling unit light up times.

Our clients include McDonald’s, Asda, Morrisons, Enterprise, EE/BT, WH Smith and Pizza Hut.  If you also need help or assistance with your next signage project please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01274 722244 or email us on

New signage grabs the attention of your customers and particularly at this time of the year can feel like a fresh new start for the year ahead.

One of our final sites completed in 2020 was Asda Adel, Leeds - just look at her in all her glory!

Butterfield Signs supply an eclectic mix of signage for this particular retailer including all conventional external, internal and petrol filling station signage. 

Indeed, signage products include but are not limited to built up illuminated letters, fascia panels, totems, price gantries, canopies, internal faux neon, wayfinding, wall graphics and window manifestations. 

For even more of our product examples follow the photo link above.

All manufacture is in house, overseen by our dedicated Project Managers who take each project through from initial concept to on-site completion by our own installation engineers.

All our team very much enjoyed working on this site for our client and as a company, we look forward to the exciting projects 2021 will bring.

In need of a revamp? Get in touch with us on 01274 722 244 or email us at

We have successfully migrated over from our previous ISO 18001 accreditation, which was recognised only as a British standard.

ISO 45001 is an international standard for health and safety, developed to prevent work-related injury and ill-health as well as provide safe and healthy workplaces.

Our new status means we are now part of a global health and safety management system that crosses geographical, political, economic, commercial and social boundaries.

This world benchmark will not only simplify and assist with all our local, regional and national supply but also our overseas activity as we work to a single standard with the management of our occupational health and safety.

An additional benefit to us will be the enhancement of our environmental, social and governance profile because ISO 45001 supports the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals by also demonstrating a commitment to equality practices. 

The health and safety of everyone we come into contact with – our employees, customers, the general public – is essential to Butterfield Signs.

If you have an upcoming signage project and need the reassurance all your health and safety needs can be met in full please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01274 722 244 or email us at

The ‘Three-Legged Stool’ award represents the partnership McDonald’s has with its three pillars of the business – franchisees, suppliers, and company.

This year the award has been presented to our very own Tony Bairstow via their Annual General Meeting.

We are delighted for Tony and thrilled as a company to receive this prestigious award, we have worked in partnership with McDonald’s for in excess of 25 years and our relationship is something the business is extremely proud of.

Tony is honoured to have been acknowledged for his hard work and success over the years. This has been made possible with the help, determination, and dedication of the McDonald’s Butterfield project delivery team.

A huge congratulations to Tony and the entire Butterfield Signs McDonald’s team and a big thank you to McDonald’s for recognising our ongoing commitment to the long-standing relationship.

Butterfield Signs and Project Management:

We like to think that awards such as the above highlight the value we place on project management within the business.

Indeed, the company has a wealth of experience in delivering your branding.

As a group, we are able to offer both project and programme management services tailored to suit each clients’ own individual requirements.

Our divisional teams are highly experienced and successful in delivering projects in a number of market sectors that have included both fast track and phased termed rollout programmes, design-led initiatives and one-off bespoke projects.

Our teams will assist from the initial brief through all disciplined stages including design; development; site auditing; prototyping; manufacture; installation and aftersales care.

The four primary constraints we work to are: scope, on time, quality and budget.

Our project representatives will attend all necessary site meetings and client review meetings including progress reporting in your required format.

Reporting and operational control of all company processes are via our bespoke BOSS management system, however, we also work with a number of clients' own project systems downloading project information, programmes and drawings, etc., and uploading site audits, visuals progress reports and completion packs, etc.

If you need any help with the project management of your next signage project, please get in touch on 01274 722244 or

In conjunction with ISA-UK, Butterfield Signs have been looking back into the history of neon signs. We are one of the oldest neon sign suppliers in the UK that still to this day, supply in house made neon signs and designs

Neon tubing has been described as “The living flame” and we are proud to celebrate that we have been producing Neon tubing for 75 years.

At the beginning of the 20th Century the introduction of Neon tubing had a significant impact in the development of urban nocturnal spectacles as Neon could produce effects which far outstripped the capacity of any earlier light sources.

Furthermore, Neon tubing could be manipulated into shapes for use in the creation of spectacular signage and the lavish silhouetting of buildings to express a sense of exuberant vitality, dynamism and prosperity.

So where did it all begin:

The popularity of Neon then began to gather momentum as creative influences in various parts of the world embarked on the design of spectacular static and animated images, signage and the building of decorative features.

The technologies employed in the 1930s to create the tubing is not too far removed from today’s methods of production.

The Argon filled tubing was also conventionally formed in grids as a backlighting to illuminate Perspex panelling in signs but this was eventually replaced by the use of the fluorescent lamp which in turn in today’s market has been superseded by low voltage LED technology.

In the UK today there are only a rare few producing traditional Neon tubing which is still preferred by those trying to create a retro look and feel and Butterfield Signs are proud to be part of both the heritage and continued story of Neon.

Please click on the image above or follow this link to access the brochure.
During the initial lockdown period, we were asked by a number of our existing and new clients if we could assist and produce various types of Covid protective products.
This potentially created a new product market for the business and we were quickly able to adapt our factory skill sets and equipment to facilitate each client's own particular requirements.
We designed, developed, prototyped, and produced products for a number of high-profile retailers to assist with the re-opening of their retail businesses following the initial lockdown.
To date we have produced in excess of 40,000 items, the majority of these items being varying types of screen protection.
Please click on the link to view the project we completed for McDonald’s. The initial tranche of works covered there back of house activities in the kitchen and Drive-thru areas, whilst we are now producing the second phase of works for front of house public areas.
Our activities continue in the retail market, although we are now experiencing activity from the office environment sector as businesses prepare for the future in moving people from home working back to their normal places of work.
If there are any of our standard products within the brochure you feel may be of assistance to your organisation or if there is any form of bespoke product you require with specialist fixings etc  please do not hesitate to contact us on 01274 722 244 or

Our new sign maintenance website is now live!
Have a look online at 
The site outlines our service provision which is aimed not only at clients we manufacture for but also clients who utilize the services of other manufacturers.

In most circumstances, the signage that promotes your business is your most visual form of advertising and your first chance to make a good impression. 
That being said, please remember, if you need help maintaining your signage, to get in touch on either 01274 722244 or

Wm Morrison Supermarkets plc, trading as Morrison’s, is the fourth largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, with its headquarters based in Bradford, West Yorkshire.
Founded in 1899 by William Morrison, hence the abbreviation Wm Morrison, it began as an egg and butter stall in Rawson Market, Bradford. His son Ken Morrison took over the company in 1952, aged 21. In 1958, Morrison’s opened a small shop in the city centre, It was the first self-service store in Bradford, the first store to have prices on its products, and it had three checkouts. The company opened its first supermarket, "Victoria", in the Girlington district of Bradford in 1961. Until 2004, Morrison’s store locations were primarily focused in the North of England, but with the takeover of Safeway in that year, the company's presence increased significantly in the South of England, Wales, and Scotland. Today the company has in excess of  500 superstores spread across the UK, Morrison’s employ 110,000 people and serve around 11 million customers each week.
The latest Rebranding was carried out over a 4 year period and included all exterior building signage, wayfinding, totem units, car park signage, plus all petrol filling stations signage.
The programme was unfortunately halted for a period of months due to the initial Covid lockdown restrictions but recommenced as the original restrictions were lifted to enable us to complete the remaining 115 sites on a fast track basis over a concentrated 8 week period.
The programme was internally managed by a dedicated experienced project management team, plus we also set up a separate dedicated remote factory hub to carry out final product assembly, testing, warehousing, and distribution of products to site. This process was adopted to ensure smooth delivery of the programme to Morrison’s without affecting the normal/general day to day operational functions of the business.
The programme of works included:

Butterfield signs have recently completed the branding at the newly opened My Lahore London restaurant.

My Lahore has a mixed retail estate of edge of town and high st locations and offers traditional Indian tastes but with a modern twist and personal touch.

Signage at this location included the exterior roof-mounted signage, window graphics, internal signage, and a host of specialist wallpaper graphics.

My Lahore has also invested in digital signage to enhance their marketing activities in the form of slimline double-sided window suspended 42" portrait digital screens. The units are sleek at only 22mm in thickness, house their own android player, and are complete with a WIFI connection. 

Butterfield assists My Lahore with animated content creation, plus deployment of campaign content via Butterfields own CMS management system. 

The Butterfield CMS management system is accessed via the Amazon Cloud so the management is stand-alone and does not need to interface with a clients own IT system. 

Simply log in on the Butterfield website, click on the CMS tab and this takes you directly to the Amazon cloud to manage and deploy marketing campaigns.

Digital signage has been rolled out across the entire My Lahore estate which also includes Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Bradford to assist with special offers etc as the client re-engages with its customers following the lockdown.

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