The battery-powered, outdoor Digital A board, integrated with two sunlight-readable 43” 700 NIT high-bright displays, offers shop front digital signage, on a manoeuvrable and cordless wheelbase.

With a battery life of up to 14 hours, the LCD auto-dimming screen displays vibrant advertising content grabs the attention of passers-by (in either direction), drawing them instore, and increasing purchases on promoted items and goods.

The A board has a steel case and protects against liquids, airborne particulates, and physical impacts. Whilst interior environmental control will maintain a stable temperature even when outside conditions fluctuate between 2°C to 43°C.

The units are suitable for businesses in footfall locations, such as pedestrianised areas, restaurants, shopping malls, and retail outlets.

Units are secure when left unattended, on castors, braked in position and IP56 rated.

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