As per the image above, we’ve pulled together a little taster of our totem works here at Butterfield Signs for you to enjoy.

We operate our own remote, dedicated and specialist heavy works factory to facilitate this type of work.

This factory includes some of the latest technologies in welding, shearing, cutting and general fabrication and is supported by overhead automated heavy crane lifting equipment to manoeuvre product between large manufacturing work areas.

We offer the highest quality in process, product and service inclusive of coded welding and use of materials fully compliant with CE and UKCA standards, providing our clients and contractors with total reassurance.

Our finishing includes galvanising and specialist powder coating applied by our newly installed and fully automated line, inclusive of Plaforization pre-treatment.

All of the above means we are able to offer a vast range of product even extending beyond our normal totem, monolith, pole and other associate sign products for retailers as a means of main identification.

Other specialist works include various forms of support steelwork, associated ordering point product, vehicle height restrictors and canopies for edge of town food retail drive-thru outlets.

Also worth mentioning, we have recently produced a number of standalone totem units in remote locations illuminated by the use of Solar Energy, eliminating extensive costs in the running of electrical connections.

The solar photovoltaic panels can be discreetly fitted to totem legs or can be mounted remote on a fabricated support. Solar power is managed with specialist technology to ensure maximum life expectancy from the battery-powered units and also controlling unit light up times.

Our clients include McDonald’s, Asda, Morrisons, Enterprise, EE/BT, WH Smith and Pizza Hut.  If you also need help or assistance with your next signage project please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01274 722244 or email us on

New signage grabs the attention of your customers and particularly at this time of the year can feel like a fresh new start for the year ahead.

One of our final sites completed in 2020 was Asda Adel, Leeds - just look at her in all her glory!

Butterfield Signs supply an eclectic mix of signage for this particular retailer including all conventional external, internal and petrol filling station signage. 

Indeed, signage products include but are not limited to built up illuminated letters, fascia panels, totems, price gantries, canopies, internal faux neon, wayfinding, wall graphics and window manifestations. 

For even more of our product examples follow the photo link above.

All manufacture is in house, overseen by our dedicated Project Managers who take each project through from initial concept to on-site completion by our own installation engineers.

All our team very much enjoyed working on this site for our client and as a company, we look forward to the exciting projects 2021 will bring.

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