Butterfield Signs recently helped Enterprise Holdings relocate their Leeds daily rental operation.

Their newly built facility on Benson Street looks spectacular with signage to suit. 

Take a look for yourselves, our awesome new video above captures the major aspects of brand installation associated with the project.

An internally illuminated 50m fascia band spans the three elevations of the building’s front canopy and looks quite the showstopper!

This is complemented by two double-sided 8m pylon signs making the store even more unmissable on the Leeds city centre skyline.

Our signage videos usually focus on our in-house manufacturing capabilities but this time we wanted to show you our fitting teams. 

This is because they are equally as responsible and involved in the successful execution and implementation of your brand.

All of our crews are directly employed, operate from liveried vehicles, wear corporate uniforms and carry identification passes.

They provide a nationwide service inclusive of Northern Ireland and most importantly are fully trained and certified.

For a signage installation that gives you total peace of mind, call us today on 01274 722 244.

Alternatively, email us on enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk

As your needs become more and more immediate, our lead times must become even shorter.

Butterfield Signs pride ourselves on our speed, whilst maintaining the quality and cost-efficiency of our signage products.

We constantly research and invest in the latest machinery, training, and techniques so that we can keep you one step ahead in the fast-paced world of retail.

Recently, we took our laser advancements one step further by adding to our existing TRUMPF technology with automated loading.

As the video above demonstrates, this was a decision that has significantly reduced our loading times from minutes to seconds!

Automated loading has been just one of the many recent improvements we’ve made to our factory, others being an automated powder coating booth and a new improved AGFA digital printer.

Each has benefited the company with greater accuracies and efficiencies across the board.

To visit our factory and see for yourself exactly how we could manufacture your signage call us on 01274 722 244 or email us at enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk.

Recently, Butterfield Signs successfully helped Enterprise Holdings relocate their Leeds daily rental operation.  Their newly built facility on Benson Street looks spectacular with signage to suit.
An almost 50 metre, showstopping internally illuminated flex face fascia band spans the three elevations of the building’s front canopy.  This, complemented by two double-sided almost 8-metre pylon signs, makes the store unmissable on the city centre skyline.
We have to say the site looks incredible - our clients were chuffed and so were we.  So much so, we are busy working away on one of our case study videos to capture the installation and project execution process in full.  In the meantime, we couldn’t resist sharing this drone snapshot footage our client has just shared with us.
Flex face and pylon signage are just two of a comprehensive range of signage types we specialise in at Butterfield Signs. Boasting well over 100,000 square feet of manufacturing premises, we not only have the experience, knowledge and expertise to carry out your every signage need but also the space required.
It is worth noting here, we operate our own remote, dedicated and specialist heavy works factory to facilitate the above largescale flex face, totem works.
Let us also put a smile on your face, call us on 01274 722 244 or email us at enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk for help with your next signage project.

Watch our powder coating plant video here or via the link above and see us in action!

Recently, as you may already be aware, we relocated our in-house spray shop to its very own large-scale standalone unit, substantially increasing our capacity and capability, as part of an internal investment project.

Indeed, we also fully automated the department inclusive of pre-treatment, and as such, it is now equipped to take on a wider variety and greater volume of signage-related works.

The facts speak for themselves – 10, 000 sq. ft. of premises houses 117 metres of suspended line, able to deliver coated and cured signage product at an impressive rate of 1.6 metres per minute.

Also, incorporated is colour changing booth, recycling cyclone, reciprocator gun, manual touch-up platform and oven technology. 

The result is a superior, top-quality finish through systematic testing and increased precision and control, demanding an increased warranty also in line with the most enviable of green credentials.

For more information, or to discuss how the above technology might benefit the projects we undertake for your company, call us today on 01274 722 244.or email us at enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk.

This week we have been remembering our works for The Marlowes Shopping Centre.

Part of the Capitol and Regional family, Butterfield Signs provided a timber alternative cladding throughout their shopping centre in Hemel Hempstead. 

The client required a natural timber look and feel throughout the centre which was sited within glazed atriums, so material stability and UV bleaching needed to be a consideration.

Our solution included various square and rectangular hollow aluminium extruded profile sections carefully wrapped in a digitally printed woodgrain effect vinyl.  These were then mounted to aluminium powder coated backboards.

Works included areas above retail shop units and the centre's main feature high-level welcome wall.

If you are inspired and looking to create something similar get in touch with us on 01274 722 244 or email us on enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk

Customer engagement from concept to completion is an essential part of all projects at Butterfield Signs.

Last summer, McDonald’s tasked us with helping them develop their Click & Serve signposts into what they are today.

The process itself involved multiple testing scenarios and associated design tweaks.

Working closely with our client and in line with the official launch of their new ordering platform, we were able to manufacture in bulk and deploy in a timely manner their final product.

If you need help with the design, engineering, research, and development, or implementation of your next concept call us on 01274 722 244.

Take a look at our new Butterfield Signs / Virgin Money case study.

The launch of this video marks the completion of an exciting six-month rebrand project.

In this time we have transformed over 100 former Yorkshire Bank locations into the Virgin Money brand.

Manufacture involved an eclectic mix of in-house traditional cottage industry skills and new fully automated technologies.

Signage included external fascia’s and projecting signs as well as internal built-up illuminated letters suspended behind glass facades, graphics, lightboxes, faux neon, wayfinding and specialist bespoke associated product.

The video captures the rollout in its three key stages – build, fix, show.

If you need help with your next signage project get in touch with us today on 01274 722244 or email us at enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk.

Digital signage is fast becoming one of the most sought-after technologies in the signage sector.

While traditional signs will always have their place, the constantly changing qualities of digital signage are undoubtedly having a major impact on the direction of the industry.

In conjunction with our trade body ISA-UK, we explain how the ever-evolving nature of digital signage is making this technology an increasingly popular choice among marketers and brands - click here for the article.

Indeed, its increasing popularity has seen us taking on an increasing number and a wider variety of digital projects.

For example, we continue to roll out new digital menu displays to the entire McDonald’s Drive-Thru estate across the UK and Ireland.

We are also currently working on a huge digital signage installation at Canary Wharf with our crews now well underway installing the 132 metre long LED light panel display.

These are just two of the current digital projects we are currently involved with. 

We know the drill when it comes to digital signage…so if you would like to chat with us about your requirements, drop us a call on 01274 722 244 or email us at enquiries@butterfieldsigns.co.uk

Butterfield Signs’ digital signage offer extends beyond supply, installation and commissioning.

Our CMS allows you to upload content/images, even set your campaign’s launch time and date. After that, the software will take care of the rest.

While some clients like to manage the CMS themselves, others would like our support.

Another tailored area is our design services. Depending on our client’s requirements and in house capabilities, we can create their content and animation too.

In other words, you pick and choose the service level you receive from us. Have a look at the content we have recently created for our clients.

With regards to digital signage itself, we are currently working on the installation of one of our largest LED display unit to date on one of Canary Wharf’s iconic towers.

It will stretch a whopping 132 metres in length, wrapping around 2 elevations of the Bank of America building.

Our crews are just in the process of finalising the installation of the bespoke steel support frames, with LED light panels to come soon after – see below photo.

The site is currently shrouded in scaffolding, with the big reveal expected in the next few weeks!

Watch this space and we’ll keep you updated…it’s going to be a real show stopper!

For help with your next digital signage and or content creation/management project call us today on 01274 722 244 or email us at enquiries@butterfielsigns.co.uk

At Butterfield Signs we aim to continually invest and are thrilled to announce we have just recently completed another internal reinvestment project.

Indeed, each year the business reinvests a portion of its profits into updating its technology and such like to remain as one of the UK’s market-leading organisations with this year’s investment also having the added important benefit of increasing and enhancing our green credentials. 

Our new powder coating line is an all singing all dancing one and follows on from the previous year’s investments in the updating of our business laser, CNC routing and digital printing technologies.  Overall, it will provide better consistency, whilst increasing our business capacity and including processes that will deliver extended warranties.

The installation is fully automated with the line extending to almost 120 metres in length and delivering prepared, coated and cured product at an impressive rate of 1.6 metres per minute.

Operating on a daily multi-shift basis this technology is capable of providing the complete preparation and finishing process for in excess of 300 no. six-metre long conventional high street fascias in any 20-hour running period.

The complete process includes an automated phosphate degreasing prewash delivering exceptional green credentials: no waste water, no sludge, no CFC or HCFC and no chlorinated or halogenated solvents.

The system is equipped with the latest generation of all-in-one gun controls and guarantees the fastest power output response times for reliable quality coating. The fully automated application and cleaning process ensures efficient colour changes with simple and intuitive operator guidance.

Take a look at our journey for yourself via the link above and continue to watch this space: we will keep you posted as we continue to further invest across the business with updates and enhancements that will undoubtedly have knock-on benefits for all.

For more information get in touch with us today on 01274 722 244.

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