Morrisons lead the way with eco friendly solar powered signage

Morrisons have invested in the use of solar energy in their latest new brand identity totem units.

  • The double sided totems are internally illuminated by low voltage LED modules with a plug and play full energy management system.
  • No excavation and ground cabling.
  • Management system (The Brain)  controls both the light output and lighting times.
  • Intensity of lighting can be adjusted in residential areas.
  • The latest generation of controlled solar panels draw from daylight and not sunlight.
  • Solar panels can be bespoke so they are not detrimental to the visual appearance of the branding.
  • Panels in this case are discreetly fitted to the upper section of the sides and top of totems to prevent tampering.
  • Batteries are fully recyclable and have minimum 5 year life expectancy

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