Wayfinding in a Modern Environmental Building

The new Barnsley library is part of the new glass works development and forms part of the new cornerstone of the town centre overlooking the town square.

The building has a striking glass and anodised aluminium façade and includes space for a variety of activities and events.

The open plan interior space situation over multiple floors is complimented with a sanctuary room, a Maker Space Lab, a Children’s library, a Wellbeing room dedicated to health and lifestyle sessions, an IT suite, plus a dedicated study area.

The signage design is sympathetic to the synergy and materials utilised within the buildings construction and interior fittings.

Signage include external branding, wall fixed and suspended wayfinding, wall graphics, window manifestation and various ancillary product.

The main centre piece as you enter the building consists of a sculpture in remembrance of Barry Hines the Author of the 1968 book “A Kestrel for a Knave” and later Film adaptation in 1969 directed by Ken loach.

The film is ranked seventh in the British Film Institute's Top Ten Films and was Loach's second feature film for cinema release.

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